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List of married couples in the bible


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This is my commandment, that you love one another, just has I have loved you.

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New Player Log In. This quiz looks at 25 husband-wife teams in the English Bible with questions based on Mature women in love of the alphabet. The letters 'W' and 'X' are combined for one question.

Difficulty: Average. Played times. As of Nov 14 The letter 'A'. Let's start at the beginning.

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Eve, according to Scripture, was the mother of all living. What was the name of her husband? The letter Speed dating cumbria. According to GenesisRachel gave permission to Jacob to sleep with her handmaiden to produce children. She bore two sons, Dan and Naphtali. What was the handmaiden's name? The letter 'C'. Chloe was a woman in the New Testament whose household made Paul aware of divisions in the early church at Corinth 1 Corinthians What was the name of Chloe's husband?

No name is given.

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The letter 'D'. Lapidoth's wife was a dynamic judge of Israel and a prophetess. What was her name? Judges The letter 'E'.

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Naomi was the mother-in-law of Ruth. What was the name of Naomi's husband? Ruth The letter 'F'.

Drusilla, a Jew, was married to a Roman governor who had Paul appear before him. Acts The letter 'G'. Hosea The letter 'H'. Herod's wife was conniving and vindictive and was responsible for having John the Baptist beheaded. What Beer and a bang tonight in Bodiam the name of his wife? Mark The letter 'I'.

Ishmael was the son of Abraham and Hagar and he is generally regarded as the father of the Arab nation.


Genesis The letter 'J'. Ahab was a king of Israel and he has the distinction of being married to the woman who is regarded by many as the most wicked woman in the Bible.

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What was the name of his wicked wife? The letter 'K'. What's the name of the woman Abraham married, probably after Sarah's death? The letter 'L'. Jacob Woman fuck Jackson two wives who were sisters and eventually slept with his wives' handmaidens, which resulted in the births of sons.

Out of his two wives, one he loved while the other, according to Scripture, was unloved. Who was his unloved wife? The letter 'M'. According to the 19th chapter of 1 Samuel, David's wife saved his Pics that make men horny when she put an idol in his bed, covered it, and pretended it was the future king. What was the name of David's wife?

The top 6 couples of the bible

The letter Female escorts dubai. According to 1 KingsSolomon had wives, princesses and concubines. However, only one of them is named in Scripture. What's the name of his lone wife who is named, as per 1 Kings ?

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The letter 'O'. Chilion was the son Dating a girl whos been raped Naomi and the brother-in-law of Ruth. What was the name of Chilion's wife, as per Ruth 1? The letter 'P'. Aquila is a character from the New Testament who had a wife who was a moving force in the early church.

In fact, her name usually appears before Aquila's when the two are mentioned in Scripture.

A brief survey of notable biblical couples

The letter 'Q'. Queen Tahpenes' unnamed sister was given in marriage to a man by the Pharaoh, according to 1 Kings What was the man's name? The letter 'R'. Isaac's wife was the first woman in In christian love Bible to give birth to twins.

15 things the bible tells married couples to do for one another

What was her name, as per Genesis ? The letter 'S'. What was the name of Rahab's husband? Matthew The letter 'T'. According to Genesis 38, a woman was married to two different men who were both struck dead by the LORD because of their evil Tickled pink nail salon. What's the woman's name?

Hint: She ended up being impregnated by her father-in-law Judah. The letter 'U'. What was the name of Bathsheba's husband Kingman movie online was murdered by David? The letter 'V'. Before Esther became queen, Ahasuerus, the king of Persia, had another woman serve as his queen.

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What was her name, as per Esther ? The letters 'W' and 'X'.

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In the NIV, however, he is called Xerxes. The letter 'Y'. Young is a suitable word that starts with Eros theatre colorado springs letter 'Y' to describe Mary, the wife of Joseph. According to Scripture, she gave birth to Jesus while still a virgin.

"married couples" in the kjv bible

While there is no concrete evidence in Scripture, many theologians believe Mary may have been 15 years old or younger when she gave birth to Jesus. The letter Free big pussy latinas. The first wife of Moses was the daughter of Reuel also known as Jethro and she gave birth to two sons, Gershom and Eliezer.